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About Edwao

Welcome to Digital Campus Management System

Edwao is a education institute management software developed to manage the school work in an effective way. It helps you to track grades, attendance, manage timetables, classrooms, contacts, communicate with parents, students and teachers. Due to increasing number of students and courses, it is hard for educational institutes to handle the whole environment through paper work. So, our software becomes good alternative and time saving system for them.

Edwao consists of various modules to manage the different activities of the school. It simplifies the function of the daily work of school and share the workload an effective way. It keeps all the records of operational work on a real time basis.

A Complete School Management Software

It is a dynamic platform which allows educational institutions to keep a track on the admission process, data management, attendance management, fee collection, management of school bus, parent interaction and many more such activities.

Our Commitment

We are committed to make this system one of the best educational institute management system & we will put all our sincere & honest efforts to make it the best !!

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